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Business Schools in Germany
Business Schools in Germany

One of the top research universities in Europe was founded in 1967 and is called the University of Mannheim. It is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The university collaborates with numerous regional, global, and national research institutions. One of the top centers for social science research in the world is the Mannheim Center for European Social Research.

There are 12,000 students enrolled in total at the University of Mannheim, 1,700 of whom are from other countries. It has a total of six academic departments that offer programmes in fields like business administration, economics, humanities, social science, law, business mathematics, and information technology. It is one of the Top 10 Best Business Schools in Germany according to Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and The Economist

University of Mannheim Rankings

The University of Mannheim is ranked by some of the most reputed agencies. A snapshot of the 2021 Rankings is given below:

  • Ranked #140th in the World Rankings by Times Higher Education Rankings 2021.
  • Ranked between 51-75 for European Teaching Rankings by Times Higher Education Rankings 2021.
  • Ranked #33 globally for Economics by Times Higher Education Subject Rankings.
  • Ranked #307 Globally by QS Top Universities Rankings 2021.
  • Ranked #706 among Best Global Universities by US News and World Report Rankings.
  • Ranked #299 among Best Global Universities in Europe by US News and World Report Rankings.
  • Ranked #47 among Best Global Universities in Germany by US News and World Report Rankings.

University of Mannheim Campus

  • The magnificent University of Mannheim campus is housed in a baroque palace that was constructed between 1720 and 1760.
  • The entire campus covers six hectares of land and has a facade length of more than 440 meters.
  • The Schlossfest and Schneckenhof parties are just two of the many festivals held on campus for students to become more familiar with their surroundings.
  • Additionally, there are more than 50 student organizations that you can join and participate in their many events.
  • Around 12,000 students attend the University of Mannheim, which has about 194 professors and 840 academic staff members.

Residence at the University of Mannheim

  • The University of Mannheim does not offer its students on-campus housing. The students can choose from a variety of other housing options, though.
  • Mannheim offers students more than 3200 rooms with a range of amenities, including heating, hall cleaning, hot water, and internet.
  • The 17 districts of Mannheim that are connected to the university by means of public transportation also offer a variety of private housing options for students.

Programs at the University of Mannheim

  • More than 60 programmes, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programmes, are available at the University of Mannheim.
  • The University of Mannheim’s most well-known courses include those in economics, sociology, political science, business administration, and german studies.
  • All Bachelor’s programmes require proof of German language proficiency on C1 level to be submitted when applying for the same.
  • The University of Mannheim also offers an exquisite integrated LL.B. and state examination programme in law.
  • The university also provides 13 double and joint degree programmes in addition to 8 Master’s programmes with only English instruction.

Application Process at University of Mannheim

Application fees and fully completed applications that are accompanied by the necessary documents must be submitted for the application to be processed successfully.

The information listed below can be used by international students applying for admission to the university:

  • Application Portal: The University of Mannheim’s online application portal is where students can submit their admissions applications.
  • Not applicable, no application fee
  • Over 12,000 students are enrolled in programmes at the University of Mannheim, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.
  • About 18.6% of all students are international, representing over 100 different countries.
  • Supporting Documents
    • If the copies are in any other language, notarized translations into English or German must be provided if the university entrance qualification is not in English or German.
    • Proof of German language proficiency at least at the C1 level must be submitted for the programmes taught in German.
    • The applicants for the Bachelor’s programme are required to submit documentation of their participation in an aptitude test.
    • If applicable, documentation of prior study abroad and in Germany must be submitted with English or German translations.
    • Along with their applications, students must also submit their CVs and a one-page German Letter of Motivation outlining their motivations for applying to the University of Mannheim.
    • Proof of language proficiency must be submitted for the Business Administration, Business Informatics, Current English Linguistics, and Literary Studies programmes.
    • Additionally, evidence of any extracurricular activities must be included with the application.

University of Mannheim Attendance Fees

A tabulated list covering the essential costs is provided below to help you with the process. International students planning to apply for admission must analyze their expenses in advance.

Expenditure Cost In Euros
Tuition Fees (per semester) 1500
Semester Fees 190,30
Basic monthly expense 700 to 750
Rent (including amenities) 250 to 300
Health Insurance 80

Financial Assistance for Foreign Students

Each year, the university offers at least 250 scholarships. Students must submit separate scholarship applications.

  • The Deutschland Scholarship is given to gifted and academically accomplished students attending public and state-recognized higher education institutions in Germany. The monthly scholarship amount is 300 euros.
  • If proof of financial aid is provided, the university will provide a graduation scholarship for students working on their final theses for a maximum of six months.
  • For foreign students pursuing degrees in German academic institutions of higher learning, the University of Mannheim offers the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarship.
  • Bronnbach The university provides a scholarship for cultural competence that is open to both current students and alumni.
  • The university provides exchange students from Asia and Europe with a one-time grant of 4,000 Euros through the ASEM-DUO scholarship. Students shouldn’t solely rely on this programme, though, as the prospects are not great.

Instead of relying too heavily on scholarships provided by the university, international students should search for opportunities in their own country. Scholarships for international students are uncommon and highly sought after in Germany.


  • The largest alumni network in Germany is thought to be ABSOLVENTUM, which is the name of the University of Mannheim’s network.
  • The Alumni Network regularly hosts formal get-togethers and annual events for the alumni to network and seek professional guidance.
  • Henning Kagermann, the former CEO of SAP, Bruno Salzer, the CEO of Hugo Boss, and Jens Weidmann are just a few of the notable alumni from the University of Mannheim (President of Deutsche Bundesbank)

Placement at University of Mannheim

  • Through its Career Network with Job Board Portal, the university provides students with career opportunities.
  • The Job Board is a website where students can apply for a variety of full-time and internship positions.
  • By registering with their resumes, students can use the portal to search for the job they want.
  • If students are having trouble finding suitable jobs, they can also speak with a mentor.
  • To learn more about job opportunities, students attend workshops, company job events, and job fairs.
  • If they are willing to work in Germany, international students can take part in application training and information sessions.


 In the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the University of Mannheim, founded in 1967, is a renowned public research university. It is accredited by the Council on Business and Society, AACSB, AMBA, CFA Institute, DFG, EQUIS, ENTER, German Universities Excellence Initiative, IAU, and IBEA. Staff members from the International Office help international students with all significant study-related challenges like enrolling, administrative processes, and housing searches.

About 200 students receive scholarships each year. Different target groups are taken into consideration as a result of a comprehensive and multifaceted scholarship system.

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