Will buying YouTube video likes help to increase watch hours?

buy YouTube likes 2023
buy YouTube likes 2023

There is no legal way to purchase watch time or subscribers. Whether you purchase the watch time and subscriber from a legal or unauthorized source makes no difference. It will assist you in monetizing your channel. Yet what will users do with the marketing if your video gets no views? You will fail and lose the money you paid for subscribers. You will undoubtedly progress if you fight hard to attain that. There is no quick fix for success.

Numerous platforms can help you gain genuine views on YouTube videos. Furthermore, the platforms have good trust, and you never have to worry about legal problems, and there are team members if you need assistance. The site also has many fantastic features, one of which is the ability to designate the location from which you wish to receive views, which will assist you.


What is the use of likes and views?

Purchasing YouTube likes boosts interaction on your channel. This works incredibly nicely with the algorithm. Generally, the YouTube algorithm rewards channels and films that have the most interaction within the first few hours after being published. The more views a video receives, the more likely it will appear in related YouTube search results. In this situation, the YouTube algorithm’s view on likes varies depending on the circumstances. Likes obtained quickly, for example, can significantly enhance your video’s visibility on the site.

How to get more views and watch time?

Here are some ways you can try to improve engagement on your YouTube channel

Calculate the statistics

You must upload two videos per day, for a total of 60 videos per month. Each clip must be at least 10 minutes long, for 60 10=600 minutes. And if you get a thousand views on each video, you’ll have 60,000 views. And each video should cost 50%. Therefore the initial time will be 60000 3000=18,000,000 min, which is seven times more than the record viewing time.

Share and promote your content

Provide a link to your YouTube video to your online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Tag your friends and send your link over WhatsApp. Post your link by creating blogs and sharing them on Google News and Yahoo News. You will see effects if you do it regularly.

Select a niche and be regular

Content is an empire, not an emperor. So keep creating fresh material for YouTube. You will undoubtedly reach the highest level. Decide on a field in which you are an expert. And continue to post videos in that niche area. Many users add repulsive content yet reach 1000 subscribers due to the regularity. They achieved this level by continuing to post videos. This is also a reality that you improve with each video you submit.

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Purchase Subscribers

There are shortcuts for purchasing views via numerous websites. These websites will undoubtedly assist you in increasing your subscriber base, but it does not guarantee it. So concentrate just on the material. You can try buying subscribers if you believe it is beneficial to you. You can keep doing that till you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time. Buying YouTube interaction is one of the most secure and easy ways to grow an online following. Just hunt for a reputable and trusted site to reach your career goals. Examine the five primary advantages of purchasing YouTube likes and alter your marketing plan.

Other ways

Create Playlists of your Videos, Add Attractive and Interesting Thumbnails, Schedule Livestreams, Use YouTube Analytics to Improve Your Skills, and Add Sneak peeks at the Start. Consistently Post Entertaining Videos. Improve Your Videos for SEO. Mention your YouTube Channel on Your other social media platforms.

YouTube policy for fake engagement

YouTube does not permit anything that unfairly boosts the view count, likes, comments, or other metrics, whether through automated systems or videos, to unwary visitors. Additionally, content that exists to promote audience involvement is forbidden. Non-compliant content and profiles may be deleted and withdrawn from YouTube.

What are the examples of infringement?

Here are some examples of prohibited content on YouTube.

  • Video feedback in which a creator demonstrates their accomplishment in obtaining false website visitors from a third party.
  • In an advertising or promotional context, a creator links to a third-party artificial page traffic source. For example, “I received 1 million subscribers in a day on this video, and you can too!”
  • A video that uses deception to coerce or fool audiences into viewing another video (for example, a misleadingly labeled info card)
  • Channels devoted to generating false channel interaction traffic or marketing businesses that operate solely for this purpose

Remember that these are just a few instances, and refrain from posting content if you believe it may violate this policy.


Your subscribers know that purchasing YouTube likes and views is a dishonest approach to increasing your interaction. They will all be concerned. You might lose subscribers if they learn that you’ve been buying YT likes (and they will be able to find out). What’s more, you risk losing the faith that subscribers formerly had in your channel.

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